Calendars By Readdle Review: After 1 Year

I thought this to be good timing to do an in-depth review of Calendars By Readdle especially since the app has been my primary calendaring app since early 2020.

So just how well did Calendars by Readdle fair when reviewed after 1 year? Overall, it scored 8.1/10. Here are the main aspects of the app that was reviewed to reach this conclusion:

  • Platform Availability (5/10)
  • Pricing (9/10)
  • Ease of use (9/10)
  • Task management (7/10)
  • Export of calendar (10/10)
  • Support (9/10)

Calendars By Readdle: Platform Availability Review

The calendars app by Readdle hints at its platform availability on its main website but is pretty ambiguous about it.

To answer the question on Calendars by Readdle’s platform availability: the app is only available on the iPhone and iPad and is not available on any other platforms such as Android, Windows or Linux.

If you were only looking at platform availability, then Calendars by Readdle is probably an app that would fall below your expectations.

When I first started using the app I wasn’t even aware that Calendars was only available on 1 platform. I decided to try out the app purely because of its high rating on the app store.

So when I found out that Calendars was only available on iOS, I thought this to be a bit of a bummer, I thought that using it might prove to be slow because of the smaller interface area as compared to a laptop/desktop.

But as I got to know the app, what I experienced wasn’t as bad as I had initially assumed.

The contrary proved to be true as I was able to plan my time on my phone relatively quickly, at around 60 minutes for 1 week’s worth of time.

That works out to be about 8.5 minutes to plan out time per day.

That said, you may have a slight problem if your device ecosystem is not entirely from the Apple family.

Say, you have a Chromebook, a Windows PC and a iPhone.

In such a case, because Calendars is only available on iOS, your calendaring experience may not be as smooth as compared to someone with just Apple devices.

With so many popular mobile/computer platforms available now, and with Calendars only able to support iOS, I’d score Calendars’ limited platform availability a 5/10.

Calendars By Readdle: Pricing Review

Based on the convenience that the Calendars app had brought me, I’d say that the pricing is a steal.

How much does Calendars by Readdle cost? The price ranges from free to USD 13.50 depending on the features you’d like. There are 4 tiers of pricing you can choose from:

  • No Premium Features – Free
  • All Premium Features – USD 13.50
  • Calendar Essentials – USD 7.50
  • Interesting Calendars – USD 9.80
Pricing of Calendars by Readdle in SGD, because I’m based in Singapore.

Here are more details for what you get at the various price points.

2 of the premium features that have become an integral part of my day to day use of Calendars is the “Interesting Calendars” and “Reminders”.

I use the “City Weather” interesting calendar to help me forecast the days where I might need to bring an umbrella.

Multiple reminders help me to remember events that are important but might happen only once in a while.

For an app that’s continually improving, one of the things I appreciate the most about the pricing structure of Calendars by Readdle is that it is a one-off as compared to a subscription model.

That’s potential savings of a few hundred bucks for me (and maybe you) every year.

So, if you’re looking for a decent premium calendar app, just get the megapack already.

In the 1 year I’ve been using the app, I’ve found myself hovering between the day view, week view and month view.

I’ve also found the apps’ drag and drop feature to be immensely useful.

These are all features that are already available on the free version of the app.

So you see, even with all these great features on the premium version of Calendars, they are really just the cherry on top of the cake.

Even if you choose not to go with any of the premium features of Calendars, the free version of Calendars is probably still good enough for you.

Because of how many unique and awesome features are already available on the free version of Calendars and how Calendars charge just a one-off fee, I’m scoring the pricing of Calendars by Readdle a 9/10.

Calendars By Readdle: Ease of Use Review

Call me biased, but as compared to other calendaring apps such as Google Calendar and Fantastical, Calendars by Readdle is easier to use.

Just how good is Calendars by Readdle’s ease of use? Considering the app’s versatile drag and drop feature coupled with its unique weekly and monthly views that helps view every event you have planned clearly, Calendars by Readdle’s ease of use is probably second to none.

While most features on the Calendars app come standard on other calendaring apps, central to its ease of use is the Calendars app’s drag and drop feature.

By dragging and dropping, here’s what you can do in Calendars:

  • Change the duration of events
  • Change the timings of events
  • Copy an event to another day/time

Changing the duration of events, changing the timing of events typically can only be done when you go into an event to edit it.

By allowing all that was just mentioned to be done by dragging and dropping, I can’t tell you how much time the Calendars by Readdle app has saved me.

How Google Calendar’s drag and drop feature work

When I was deciding on 1 calendar app to go with, I couldn’t find another one that had an identical drag and drop feature.

Google Calendar has a similar drag and drop feature, but the feature is only limited to shifting the event from 1 timing to another.

Beyond the drag and drop feature, what has also contributed to the Calendars app’s ease of use is how clearly you can view your events on the app.

There’s not much to talk about with the daily view because it comes pretty standard on most calendar apps.

The game-changer for the Calendars app is when you look at the weekly view and the monthly view.

The weekly view on Calendars by Readdle

The weekly view on Calendars by Readdle shows all your events in a horizontal view with the start time of the event clearly shown.

I prefer this to the vertical views that are characterised by most calendar apps because:

  • Events throughout the week are well organised in blocks
  • It helps to give a better overview of events in the week
  • Names of event and start times can be clearly seen
The monthly view on Calendars by Readdle

By pinching, you can zoom in to events in the monthly view of Calendars.

This makes calendaring easier for me as I don’t have to jump around different views to get an overview of events for any particular day.

While Calendars has done pretty well to make its app easy to use, there was 1 thing I thought that could be done better – making the “today” button more visible.

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out where was the “today” button and assumed that this was a non-existent feature.

Because of my assumption, I’ve had many frustrating instances where I’m viewing a date a few months down and then how to scroll back to the current date.

Turns out, the feature is available. Here’s where you can find it:

Week view on Calendars

You can quickly go back to “today” by tapping on the date on the top left corner as highlighted in this screenshot.

This will also work on the list, day and month views.

When all is considered, I think the Calendars’ drag and drop feature already warrants a 9/10 in terms of the app’s ease of use.

Calendars By Readdle: Task Management Review

Beyond the core functions of a calendaring app, Calendars by Readdle offers task management.

While I do not use this feature frequently because I’ve since changed to using Things 3, I’ve used the task management within Calendars for some time previously and can testify to how it has enhanced the overall experience of the app.

The main value that this feature adds is that it clearly separates your tasks from your calendar events.

Yet, as much as the app can separate your tasks from your calendar events, you can choose for the tasks to remain a connected part of the app.

Task management on Calendars by Readdle

The beautiful thing about this function is that it can work as a standalone feature without any connection to the calendar.

To get it to work as a standalone feature, you just need to not set any due date for the task(s).

How task management integrates with the calendar on the Calendars app

Another beautiful thing about this function is that it can work as a connected part to the calendar side of the app.

All you need to do is to add a due date for your task.

While task management on Calendars by Readdle is pretty good, the focus on the app is still on its calendaring functions.

Compared to apps like or TickTick, the task management ability on the Calendars app is basic at best.

Nonetheless, the function works well as a companion to the main app and will work for you if you just need simple task management functions.

Overall, here’s what Calendars has going for its task management function:

  • Able to function as a standalone feature
  • Integrates into the main calendar features well

But considering how many features like subtasks, tags and attachments are missing from Calendars’ task management, I’m scoring this a 7/10.

Calendars By Readdle: Export Of Calendar Review

The export of calendar is a unique feature that is only available on Calendars based on the few other calendaring apps that I’ve tried.

This is a neat feature that will allow you to export your calendar to a pdf sheet.

I’ve found this feature very useful to share my plans with loved ones in order for us to settle on outing plans.

All I need to do is choose what I want to export, tap on the share button, and all is done.

To control what is exported, there are 4 things you can set up:

  • Timeframe shared
  • Period shared
  • Only working hours toggle switch (can be set up in the settings of the app)
  • Which calendars you want to share in the export

Truth be told, I’ve only used this feature around 5-8 times, and when I don’t use it, the feature stays out of sight, out of mind.

Yet, to know that this feature is always available when I need it, makes me feel empowered.

Further, because this feature exports to PDF, there is universality in that you can send it to almost anybody and they will be able to view it.

Considering how unique, convenient and universal this feature is, I’m giving this a 10/10.

Calendars By Readdle: Support

On the rare occasion that you need to contact support, be assured to know that the support is there.

So how did support for the Calendars by Readdle app fare? You can expect a response from the support team in around 24 hours or less.

I once sent in a support request to request for the “today” button that I couldn’t find and they responded to my request in around 24 hours.

Not only did they respond to my query, but the support team also went above and beyond to address any remaining concerns that I may have.

For how fast they got back to me and how comprehensive the response was, I’m giving support for the Calendars app a 9/10.

The Similarities & Differences Between Calendars & Calendars 5

As you look for the calendaring app created by Readdle, chances are, you’re going to come across 2 apps – the Calendars and Calendars 5 apps.

To understand the similarities and differences between Calendars and Calendars 5, I emailed Readdle support to clarify the 2 apps.

So what’s the difference/similarities between Calendars and Calendars 5? The 2 apps are almost identical but differ in 3 main ways:

  1. The pricing model for both apps is different.
  2. Calendars 5 does not have “Interesting calendars” integrated into the app.
  3. Calendars do not have the family sharing feature

Pricing Model of Calendars Vs Calendars 5

While we’ve already discussed the pricing of the Calendars app earlier in this article, we’ll touch on this briefly again since we’re now comparing between Calendars and Calendars 5.

Calendars is a freemium app. This means that you can use the app for free and then pay for it later for premium features if you want to.

Calendars 5 is a premium app that you have to pay before you are allowed to download it, however, once you pay, you are granted access to all features.

The price of Calendars 5 is currently around 33 USD on the App Store.

“Interesting calendars” integration for Calendars

Interesting calendars are automatically updated calendars that you can add into Calendars.

There are so many different types of calendar that you can add into the app that it’s going to probably take too long to list them all down.

But some of the categories that are available on “interesting calendars” include F1, MotoGP, Moon Phases, City Weather, NASDAQ 100.

As beneficial as it can be, this integration is not available on Calendars 5.

Family Sharing on Calendars 5

Family Sharing is an Apple feature that you can set up with your family provided they are using Apple devices.

That said, this Apple feature integration is only possible with Calendars 5 due to restrictions with Family Sharing itself.

Which calendar app by Readdle should you go with?

Without a doubt, go with the Calendars app (the one with the blue icon).

According to Readdle support, they too recommend the Calendars app as more developments and features have been planned out for this app.

Beyond the “official” recommendation, go with the Calendars app because you can try it out for free first before deciding if you want to part with any of your hard-earned cash to get the premium version of it.

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