Ergotune Chairs – A Unsponsored & In-depth Review

I’ve been using the Ergotune Supreme for the past 2 months – in this article, I will review it and answer the question: “are Ergortune chairs worth it?”

Ergotune chairs are worth it. They are made of high quality parts, and depending on the model, each chair can have 9 or more adjustable points. This translates to chairs that can be adjusted to suit any occasion.

While what I just mentioned are important factors to what makes Ergotune chairs worth it, there is one thing that was key in making me decide to buy it.

What’s great about Ergotune chairs

All Ergotune chairs come with 4 – 12 years of warranty (link to warranty conditions) that covers all parts of the chair – this warranty period gave me the assurance and confidence to purchase the chair.

Ergotune chairs are marketed as chairs that are made of high quality materials. I was initially under the impression that this is all part of the marketing gimmick that is so common these days.

But when I received the chair, I realised that the company is not just paying lip service to what is in their marketing material. The chair is really made of high quality parts that I can feel.

I’ve had quite a few computer chairs with wheels before, but the wheels on Ergotune feel the smoothest when I roll around – this smoothness doesn’t just stop at the wheels, in fact, every moving part on the chair just smooth and expensive, not cheap and rickety.

Combine that with the base which I estimate to be more than 10kg, the whole chair just gives you the feeling that it is solid.

Beyong the warranty and quality of Ergotune chairs that make them worth it. I will cover how the chairs are versatile to suit any occasion – because they can adjust in the following ways:

  • Seat depth
  • Seat height
  • Backrest height
  • Seat recline tension
  • Seat recline lock
  • Armrest height
  • Armrest angle
  • Armrest width
  • Armrest length
  • Armrest extend inwards
  • Neckrest position (only on Ergotune Supreme)

I had fun adjusting my chair to various different configurations and found them suitable for occasions where I need to work, and also for occasions where I was just chilling.

I’ve seen ergonomic chairs that cost double, or even triple the price of an Ergotune and yet, their chairs are not nearly as adjustable as the Ergotune.

All these reasons combined and especially when compared with other ergonomic chairs of similar or even higher pricings make the price tag of an Ergotune chair well worth it.

Problems you may face if you choose an Ergotune chair

Although Ergotune chairs are worth it, there are some issues with them that I realised I will have to tolerate – one of the main ones being fixing up the chair and trouble with cleaning the chair.

When I bought the chair, I have the option to either pay extra for someone to assemble the chair for me, or I could assemble the chair myself. I opted for the latter and regretted it.

Ergotune’s website certainly included detailed instructions on how to assemble the chair, but there was 1 particular portion on installing the armrests that if I followed according to the guide, I would not be able to install the armrest.

I kept trying to follow the guide and this resulted in at least 30 minutes of wasted time.

As I do not have a powered screw driver, I found it tiring to have to keep turning a manual screw driver.

The chair itself is also very heavy and difficult to unbox. My recommendation if you are getting the chair is to just pay for the extra service to get someone else to assemble the chair for you.

Because of the main material used and the way the chair is constructed, dust and debris tend to get stuck.

Picture of Ergotune chair seat and area beneath seat.
Dust tends to get stuck in my Ergotune chair, on the fabric and beneath the seat.

The main material used is fabric that has many raised lines. This makes sweeping off any debris that fall onto the chair in one fell swoop almost impossible. Many times, I’ve found myself having to pick them off one by one.

And with the way the chair is constructed, especially directly beneath the seat, there is a large area that just sits there waiting to collect dust.

If you’re intending to get an Ergotune chair, a vacuum cleaner might be the next thing you want to purchase if you do not have one yet.

Another issue I realised with the Ergotune chair is that it is not the best in terms of lumbar support.

While the chair is generally comfortable to sit on for long periods of time, I have realised that I have a higher tendency to slouch as compared to when I use the lumbar support pillow in my office even though I have set it up in a way that is supposedly optimised for working.

One way I’ve found to reduce my tendencies to slouch is to lock the chair’s recline while the chair is in the most upright position.

Another issue I faced with the chair is that it is quite difficult to adjust the seat depth and height.

Seat depth often doesn’t change, or changes to a depth that is not what I intended while seat height often doesn’t change even though I have pushed on the right button.

That said, everything that I mentioned are only minor inconveniences. With a bit of extra time and effort, I can get the chair cleaned and adjusted ergonomically.

A summary of the pros and cons of a Ergotune chair

– High quality parts
– Various adjustable points
– Suitable for both play and work
– Long warranty period
– Chair can be difficult to assemble on your own
– There are some difficult to clean areas on the chair
– Lumbar support is not the best
– Difficulty in adjusting seat depth and height

Despite its shortcoming, a Ergotune chair is definitely one to consider if you are looking for a value for money ergonomic chair.

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