How Covenant Eyes Fared On The iPhone

I’m an iPhone user that have been using Covenant Eyes for the past 3 months because I thought that keeping myself away from undesirable content was important. Here’s how I thought Covenant Eyes did on the iPhone.

Accountability Feature2/5, it doesn’t report everything
Web Content Filtering4/5, it works well generally
Customer Service/Support5/5, they usually get back to you with a workable solution within a day
Pricing3/5, 15.99 USD per month can be expensive

If you are someone that’s determined to keep away from porn and is looking for the right tool to help you, I do have quite a bit more to share on Covenant Eyes accountability and web content filtering features that you may find helpful.

The Full Story On How Covenant Eyes Fared On The iPhone

Covenant Eyes is a software that aims to help you to wean off porn addiction. You can install it on your mobile devices and laptops.

Covenant Eyes is a tool I decided to try out after reading this review.

Having conversed with many of my friends, I know how many people think about porn, that it is just a normal and accepted part of life.

But having understood the impact of porn not only in our brains but also for the people working in the adult industry, I made it my personal mission to eradicate it from my life.

This article’s main intention is to help you to come to an informed decision about Covenant Eyes as it relates to the iPhone.

While Christian based, the software certainly can work well for anyone wanting to quit porn addiction.

What intrigued me about Covenant Eyes is that it wasn’t just a parental control tool. It was built entirely around eradicating pornography from someone’s life.

Overall, I think it has done its job well and has taught me a few tricks about built-in features in the iPhone that has helped keep my digital environment clean.

How Covenant Eyes Accountability Feature Fared On The iPhone

One of Covenant Eyes most unique point is that it has an accountability feature.

Essentially, you find someone that you trust and you make yourself accountable to him/her as far as your internet usage is concerned.

They have some AI feature that supposedly monitors everything that you browse on your internet browser and reports them in regular intervals to your accountability partner.

Your accountability partner can choose to receive a report every 1 day, 3 days or 7 days. Here’s how one of their reports look like:

Page 1 of the report
Page 2 of the report

It looks pretty neat, works okay on the iPhone and does provide a level of accountability for yourself.

As you see from the screenshot of my report, they report to your accountability partner on the following:

  1. Any concerning screenshots
  2. A sample of your “average” device activity
  3. Any sites that were blocked in the period of reporting
  4. Which devices is Covenant Eyes monitoring
  1. Any concerning screenshots

As far as the iPhone is concerned, this feature certainly could do with some work.

There were days where I was quite sure I’d watched some Youtube video with girls wearing bikinis and the AI didn’t pick up on them.

As soon as you bypass Covenant Eyes VPN (I’ll share more on this later), I’ve found in my user experience that the app stops picking up on any concerning screenshots as well.

What’s more, on the iPhone, due to native restrictions, Covenant Eyes is only able to monitor internet activity on the Covenant Eyes app which they have purposed as a web browser itself.

  1. A sample of your “average” device activity

This portion is just a aggregation of your average daily browser activity on your mobile device/laptop.

It works well enough and gives insights to roughly what you used the internet for, for that period of reporting.

Just a point to note, if you are one that values your privacy highly, your accountability partner will be able to see some of what you searched on Google, the website’s name, etc.

  1. Any sites that were blocked in the period of reporting

This works very well, you key in any adult sites that gets blocked by the Covenant Eyes and you will almost certainly find that reflected in your next accountability report.

4. Which devices is Covenant Eyes reporting

In other words, what devices you have Covenant Eyes installed on.

This works well enough for the iPhone, because my iPhone has always been indicated on the accountability report as reporting.

But my Macbook has disappeared from this portion of the report for reasons unknown.

If you use the iPhone, your best bet would be, to be honest with your accountability partner should you slip back into porn use for whatever reason.

The Covenant Eyes accountability feature on the iPhone, while probably better than other similar apps, still leaves much to be desired.

Based on my user experience and reasons mentioned above, I will give the accountability feature on Covenant Eyes for iPhone a 2/5.

How Covenant Eyes Web Restriction Feature Fared On The iPhone

Basically, this is the website blocking feature of Covenant Eyes.

Covenant Eyes partners with Clean Browsing (The website blocking provider).

Their technology was supposedly designed with the intention to moderate your web traffic without having any noticeable slowdowns in your internet.

While it’s true that there wasn’t much noticeable slow downs of my internet on the iPhone, it did affect the use of some of my apps.

Sometimes my banking app would take forever to load and other times my Telecoms provider app would get disconnected for no reason.

While I can’t ascertain for sure whether it was caused by Covenant Eyes, I’m almost certain they had a correlation.

So be prepared if you are an iPhone user.

Oh yes, another thing, the Covenant Eyes browser always freezes up for a few seconds if you are switching between apps.

That said, those will be just minor inconveniences for someone determined to quit pornography.

An e-mail to their support staff proved that they were absolutely customer oriented and ready to solve any problems that I encountered.

For those who are addicted to pornography. I’m also putting the word out there that it is possible to bypass their web blocking feature through VPN etc.

So make sure you follow Covenant Eyes’s instructions when setting up the app on your iPhone.

Get a partner to set up a password for your Screen Time.

Outside of their instructions, I’ve found it really helpful to set up website restrictions within Screen Time itself as well – you can’t bypass these, at least in my experience.

Because Covenant Eyes website restriction feature generally works as intended without slowing down my internet significantly and provided you follow their set up instructions, I’m giving it a 4/5.

Customer Service/Support

I don’t have much to say about this other than that my experience with their customer service team has been a delight!

I had 2 instances where I needed to contact support.

In the first instance, my Macbook totally couldn’t connect to the internet upon installation.

In the second instance, I found that my web filtering was getting disconnected on my iPhone when I opened certain apps.

They try their best to solve any problems you encounter with their software.

For replying to my e-mail within 24 hours and actually providing solutions to my problems, it is a 5/5 for Customer Service/Support in my books.


From the beginning of using Covenant Eyes, I thought that the pricing for it was a little steep.

It costs USD15.99 a month or USD$183.99 a year.

Compare that with similar services such as NetNanny or Bark and you will find that Covenant Eyes is priced much higher than its competitors.

But hey, the price of any product should be viewed separately from the value that the product actually delivers.

Covenant Eyes could be worth its price for you on an iPhone or even an Android if you value the following:

  1. A dedicated porn eradication app that combines website blocking with accountability features
  2. Education on the effects of porn and what you can do about it


Covenant Eyes can do what it markets itself to be able to do on the iPhone provided that you:

  1. Set up Screen Time on your phone
  2. Disable the downloading/deleting of any new apps
  3. Turn off Safari as a browser on your iPhone
  4. Get your accountability partner to set up a password

Setting up the above can get a bit restrictive and annoying after at times.

Times like when you need to download/update/delete an app but you can only do so with your accountability partner’s password.

Provided, no one ever said that eradicating porn use from your life was going to be easy.

But what I will say is that Covenant Eyes is worth a try on your iPhone.

It works well enough provided you set up Screen Time on your iPhone.

Along the way, you will likely learn how to manage your digital environment better as well.

Limitations Of Covenant Eyes On The iPhone

We’ve went into each feature and the overall view for Covenant Eyes on the iPhone.

But in this section, I want to specifically go into the limitations of Covenant Eyes on the iPhone so that you don’t get surprised should you want to try it out.

Here are all the limitations I’ve found with Covenant Eyes on the iPhone:

  1. Doing it alone will probably not work out well. You need an accountability partner

The role of an accountability partner is essential to help you to set up your password on Screen Time, provide much-needed encouragement and more throughout our journey in porn recovery.

Without an accountability partner, you are just going to delete Covenant Eyes when the temptation comes.

So look for an accountability partner before going further with Covenant Eyes.

  1. If you have multiple browsers on your iPhone, Covenant Eyes can be bypassed easily

I’m not going to flash out the details on this one, but just trust me on this.

If you want to use Covenant Eyes, make sure that Covenant Eyes is the only browser on your iPhone.

  1. Without restricting downloading/installing of apps, Covenant Eyes can be bypassed easily

All you need to do is to download some browser with VPN and Covenant Eyes website restrictions can be bypassed.

For this reason, make sure you set up Screen Time to restrict the downloading/installing of apps and have your accountability partner set up a password to prevent you from changing the settings.

  1. It cannot monitor other apps other than in the Covenant Eyes browser itself

It’s hard to have true accountability if not everything is reported.

This is a limitation we will have to live with with Covenant Eyes on the iPhone because of the native restrictions that iPhone has.

  1. Without setting up a password on Screen Time with your accountability partner, Covenant Eyes can be bypassed easily

When the temptation comes, so goes our logical thinking.

For this reason, having your accountability partner set up a password that you do not have access to will prove invaluable in your fight against porn.

  1. Without setting up website restrictions on Screen Time, Covenant Eyes can be more easily bypassed

There will be days where you want to update/install new apps on your iPhone, so you bring your phone to your accountability partner for it to be unlocked.

Only, you forget to lock up the Screen Time settings, then temptation kicks in again, you look for loop holes in Covenant Eyes, and that’s when slip ups happen.

Website restrictions by Screen Time are impossible to bypass without your accountability partner’s password.

So it might be best to set them up so that we allow Covenant Eyes to fully assist us in our journey to become porn free.

These limitations are not caused by Covenant Eyes, they are mostly just because of how the iPhone is built and because of our human weakness.

Take them into consideration so that you can take full advantage of Covenant Eyes.

A Covenant Eyes Free Alternative For Your iPhone

We’ve gone over much about how important Screen Time is to be used together with Covenant Eyes so that Covenant Eyes can work as intended.

And that’s exactly what the free alternative to Covenant Eyes for your iPhone is all about. Using your Screen Time that’s already built in to iPhone to set up controls.

Before we go into the nitty-gritty of how to set up Screen Time, here’s a comparison of features between Screen Time and Covenant Eyes and which works better so you can better decide if you want to go with this option:

FeatureScreen TimeCovenant Eyes
AccountabilityNoneLimited accountability
Web Content RestrictionsExcellent and almost impossible to bypassGood, but can be bypassed quite easily with VPN etc.
SupportApple Support, but you will probably not contact them for Screen TimeExcellent
App Timing RestrictionsYesNone

I know that Covenant Eyes already has some instructions on how to set up Screen Time on your iPhone.

What I’m going to cover will cover those and more based on learnings over the past 3 months.

Before we begin, make sure you have a partner that can set up the password for you in Screen Time and prepare the following:

  1. Delete all apps that may cause your eyes to stray (social media apps, VPN browsers, etc.)
  2. Update your apps on the App Store

Once the above 2 steps are done, find a time to get together with a partner/friend and set up the following:

  1. Downtime for all apps

Some people slip back into porn addiction late at night.

Setting up Downtime means that all your apps (excluding the ones you’ve allowed) will show a “App Limit” display during your stipulated downtime.

While you can easily bypass this by tapping on “Ignore Limit”, setting this feature up can still serve as an effective deterrent and reminder.

  1. Content & Privacy Restrictions

The main setting that you will want to turn on will be to limit web content.

Set it to “Limit Adult Websites”.

You may come across websites later that ought to be allowed, you can note them down and allow these later with your partner.

An optional setting you might want to set up will be for Apps, to limit the downloading of new apps and deleting of current apps.

Setting up limits for apps could be useful if you are wanting to wean off on some social media apps as well.

  1. Have your partner/friend set up a Screen Time password

Make sure that you do not know the password that your partner sets up.

There you have it. A quick overview of how Covenant Eyes worked on the iPhone, it’s limitations and how to overcome some of them.

I hope it helped you and feel free to e-mail me at for any additional questions you might have.

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