How To Choose A Good Laptop Stand & Whether It’s Worth It – Based on Personal Experience

As part of my home office revamp, I recently got myself a laptop stand. In this article I will share how I chose a good laptop stand and whether or not it is worth getting one.

A good laptop stand is cheap, adjustable and sturdy enough to support a laptop. It should be able to position a laptop in an ergonomic way for you at sitting or standing height where the top of the monitor is at eye level. The laptop stand should also allow you to open your screen fully.

Let’s now explore what cheap, adjustable and sturdy mean for a laptop stand.

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Choosing A Good Laptop Stand

During my time looking for a suitable laptop stand, I’ve found that the cheapest price for a good laptop stand that is adjustable can cost as low as about 10 to 15 dollars – a good example of one such laptop stand can be found on Amazon here (affiliate link).

The sturdier laptop stands I have usually have a rubberised / silicone base and along the area where it comes into contact with the laptop so that it is sturdy when sitting on the table, and sturdy gripping onto the laptop.

Before I buy the laptop stand, I also look at the reviews to see if there are any potential red flags that might signal to me that the laptop stand is no good.

Generally speaking, a good laptop stand will also allow for me to adjust the stand up and down at varying heights so that I can adjust it to a comfortable viewing angle.

Flip stand on a laptop stand.
Avoid laptop stands that only has flip stands like these

Avoid laptop stands that only has a flip stand at the base – these stands will only allow you to switch between 2 viewing angles which I’ve found to be inadequate for me to adjust to a comfortable viewing angle and has strained my back.

You may also want to consider a laptop stand that doesn’t have too steep an angle when positioning your laptop so that your laptop can open fully when on the stand. This is especially so if you are using a macbook as it can only open up to 110 degrees.

Other considerations for a good laptop stand

So far, we’ve discussed factors that I consider key for a good laptop stand. These include, cost, height adjustability and sturdiness.

Beyond that, other potential factors that you may want to consider include portability and material used.

If you’re someone that is on the go often, then you may want to consider a laptop stand that is easily foldable.

If working in a non air conditioned space, consider getting a laptop stand that is metal for better heat dissipation and to prevent your laptop from overheating.

Is a Laptop Stand Worth It

After a few months of having a laptop stand, I can unequivocally say that a laptop stand is worth it. Let me explain.

A laptop stand is worth it because it allows one to use the laptop in a sustainably comfortable position – this prevents bad postures as well as chronic conditions like stiff shoulders, lower back pain and neck pain from occurring.

Although a laptop stand is good for ergonomics, I’ve found that it generally doesn’t help with putting me in a more comfortable position without the help of a few other tools, but first:

What is a comfortable position and why that makes a laptop stand worth it

To me, a sustainable comfortable position simply means sitting in a relaxed, upright position with the top of the screen of my laptop around my eye level.

Without a laptop stand, such a position is often not possible as I will have to put my laptop on the table, with such a placement of my laptop, it is no wonder that over time, I find myself slouching and feeling stiff.

For anyone that spends a significant amount of time in front of a laptop, that means that they will easily spend 8 or more hours in a bad posture daily – you can imagine the damage this can cause over time.

That said, if you have the impression that just buying a laptop stand by itself will work to achieve a comfortable position, I think you may want to consider what I will share next.

Why a laptop stand by itself won’t cut it

A laptop stand by itself won’t help to achieve the ergonomic, comfortable position that you desire because it will elevate the position of your keyboard and track pad making typing and navigating the mouse an awkward affair.

Therefore, in order to fully realise the benefit of a laptop stand, you will require a wireless keyboard and mouse.

If you work with multiple laptops, the most cost effective wireless keyboard and mouse that I recommend and use is the Logitech K780 (affiliate link) and the Logitech MX Master 2S (affiliate link) as they allow the switching between devices at the tap of a button.

A Potential Alternative To a Laptop Stand

A laptop mount that I use in my home office.

For a more space saving option, you might want to consider getting a laptop mount rather than a laptop stand.

A laptop stand uses space on the table while a laptop mount can be mounted above the table taking no space at all.

In my house, where I have more control over the organisation of my space, I use a laptop mount.

In the office, where I have less control over the organisation of my space, I use a laptop stand.

While a good alternative, the disadvantages that I see of using a laptop mount rather than a laptop stand is that a laptop mount is most certainly going to cost more, and it is also harder to adjust than a laptop stand.

If you’re interested in considering this laptop mount that I use, you can have a look at it at Amazon here (affiliate link).

For more productivity tools that you could consider for your productive space, you may want to take a look at my productivity kit recommendations.

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