I Setup a Home Office – Here Are 11 Benefits I Experienced

After getting a proper home office set up, I experienced 11 benefits that I thought I would share in this article so that you can maximise the benefits and minimise the disadvantages when using your home office.

With the first benefit I will share, I’ve found that if I am not careful, I can easily slip into getting less done in my home office instead. With the right safeguards in place, however, a home office can contribute to more productive work being done.

1. Get more done

A lot of the time, I’ve found that I’ve been able to get more work done faster when I work in my home office as compared to working in my physical office location.

While that may be the case, I found that there were times when I’ve just got less done as a result of working in my home office.

I found that in order to increase the chance to reap this benefit from my home office, there are 3 things that I can do.

Firstly, keep my work items organised – keep what I do not need away and keep only when is essential for me to work on my work desk.

Secondly, I’d have to carve out some intentional time before I begin working for the day to outline my priorities, otherwise, less get done and I find myself doing things that are unproductive – this can be as simple as a quick to-do list for the top 3 priorities you want to be accomplished for today.

Lastly, filling up my bottle before I start work I found, has helped me to keep focused. Feeling parched in the middle of the day gets me out of my groove and I don’t feel like doing anything – scientific research seems to agree as well, that dehydration has some effects on cognitive ability.

2. Save time

Working in my home office has saved me commute and preparation time which works out to about 2.5 hours a day – time which can be channelled into other activities.

To ensure that I not only save time but fully maximise the saved time as well, something that I will do in the near future is to plan out things that I can do in my buffer time.

3. Save money

Money is saved when I work in my home office because I don’t need to spend money on commuting. I can also spend less money on food.

This has been great for me as the money saved allows me to indulge in things that I want but do not necessarily need. The money saved has also allowed me to provide for some of the finer things in life for my loved ones.

4. No dress code

Another benefit of working in a home office is that I can wear anything I like – here is once again, money saved on clothing.

Although there is no dress code, I found that it is better if I at least washed up and changed out to something other than my pyjamas.

5. Do anything needed to focus

Because I am in my own home, I can turn up the music or I can meditate for a short while, basically doing anything needed to pull myself into a state of focus.

Being able to do anything I want in my home office can be a double-edged sword though. To prevent “self-destruct” I keep myself tuned into audiotapes that teach on a positive mindset.

6. Less distraction

There is less distraction from the outside, but more distractions that come from within when working in my home office.

To reduce the distractions that come from within, I reduce the opportunities available for me to be distracted by keeping my phones away from my work desk.

7. Decide on your own chair

One thing about working in any office other than my home office is that I do not get a choice on the office chair – whatever I find when I get there, even if the chair is very uncomfortable, I have to accept.

Having a home office set up allows me a choice in my office chair – you may wish to check out this review I wrote about my Ergotune chair that I bought a few months ago.

8. No Judgement

Everyone of us has our quirks – the good thing about working out of my home office is that there is no one to judge me. I can turn on the weird genre of music that I like and no one will judge me.

9. Less office politics

Yes, I may have to deal with office politics through email, but everything is virtual and I do not have to deal with anyone in person so there is less office politics when I work in my home office.

Although office politics is not a huge problem at my workplace, when it does happen, working from my home office allows me to consider my responses carefully – especially useful when it is an emotionally charged issue.

10. Less human interactions

Since I work alone in my home office, I usually do not go to lunch with my colleagues and thus have less human interactions.

As an introvert, I enjoy the reduced human interactions, but sometimes working from my home office is just too isolating – in times like these, I chat virtually with my colleagues and this creates some much needed social interaction for me.

11. More comfort

From being able to dress casually to not needing to squeeze in the morning commute. When all is considered, what I appreciate the most about working in my home office is the comfort that it provides me.

While I like the comfort that my home office provides me, too much comfort can be a bad thing because my work environment will degrade from a conducive environment for work, to a distracting environment.

To balance the comfort level of my home office, one thing that I do is to be very selective about what I place on my work desk. Each item is there for a specific purpose that contributes to my work. If it doesn’t contribute, it is only a matter of time before it is removed.

I also keep a simple notepad on my work desk, so that if I do find myself distracted, I write down a simple quote or present task that I am working on to keep me focused.

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