Setting Up Todoist For Your Daily Routine: A 2 Step Guide

I used to only use Todoist for my non-routine to-do lists until I reinstalled Todoist and realised that you could use it also to set up daily routines. It works pretty well.

You can set up your daily routines on Todoist in 2 steps:

  1. Add a new task in Todoist
  2. Type in the name of your task followed by “every day” and “at 9am” or at the timing of your choice, you can choose to leave out the timing portion if it is not applicable to you.

I’m sure you would have a rough idea of what needs to be done to set up your daily routine on Todoist by now. But just to clarify further, here are the details.

How Exactly To Set Up Todoist For Your Daily Routine

Here is what the 2 steps for setting up a daily routine on Todoist looks like visually.

Step 1: Add a new task in Todoist

Type in whatever your task may be (running, cooking, reading, sleeping)

Step 2: type in the name of your task followed by “every day” and “at 9am” or at the timing of your choice, you can choose to leave out the timing portion if it is not applicable to you.

Typing in the “everyday” is essential if you want to use Todoist as a tool for your daily routines.

The timing can be optional.

8 Ideas For Daily Routines On Todoist

You may already have some ideas about the things that you want to set up daily routines in Todoist for, and that’s all great.

But you might be also wondering, how else can you make full use of Todoist to enhance your day as far as your daily routine goes.

Here are 8 ideas that are part of my daily routine. Many of them are dedicated to preventing me from falling asleep after I wake up.

Others are primed to help me to prepare as I want to go to bed.

You are free to use them as you’d like – as inspiration in your own routine or copy them directly.

  1. Listening to something positive
  2. Drink 1 full cup of water
  3. Wash up
  4. Reviewing your day’s plans again
  5. Set up bedtime alarm
  6. Plan the next day
  7. Preparing for the next day
  8. Turn on the lights
  1. Listening to something positive

I use this to beat the snooze bug and to keep my mind focused on the positive first thing in the morning. Highly effective and recommended.

My go-to information sources for this is with DarrenDaily or Minute With Maxwell.

  1. Drink 1 full cup of water

This is the 2nd step for me to warm up my “engines” so I don’t fall back to sleep.

I’ve heard from somewhere that drinking 1 full cup of water the moment you wake up is great for health.

Besides, hydration right?

  1. Wash up

Don’t tell, but I used to wake up some days forgetting to brush my teeth so I decided to make this one of my daily routines.

Besides, taking a shower always makes me feel fresher after.

  1. Reviewing my day’s plans again

Sometimes you wake up later/earlier than usual, other times, there has been a change in appointment.

Either way, you review your plan before officially starting your day so that your plan is matched up with the reality of your day.

  1. Set up bedtime alarm

I have the problem of forgetting to go to sleep sometimes and ending up staying up till really late.

If you have the same problem, then setting up a bedtime alarm can help to give you the reminder you need to go to bed.

I set up 2 bedtime alarms for this. One for 30 minutes before bedtime and another for 10 minutes before bedtime.

  1. Plan the next day

Without this daily routine, I’ve always felt at lost as to what to do the next day I woke up.

For best effect, do this before you go to bed and wake up the next day.

With this daily routine, every day feels clear and planned out.

  1. Preparing for the next day

Different from planning my next day, this daily routine deals with preparing the clothes and gear that I will require the next day.

Saves a ton of time from looking for socks 🙂

  1. Turn on the lights

As artificial as they might be, I’ve found that turning on the lights prevents me from going back to sleep quite well.

5 Additional Settings You Can Set Up Now That Enhances Your Daily Routine With Todoist

2 steps to set up Todoist for any daily routines that you have seem simple enough.

But there are actually 3 free settings and 2 premium settings that on Todoist you can set up now to enhance your daily routines.

Free Settings

  1. Prioritise your daily routines
  2. Add sub-tasks for your tasks
  3. Create projects to organise your daily routines into

Premium Settings

  1. Set up reminders for your daily routines
  2. Add comments/files into your daily routines
  1. Prioritise your daily routines

There might be some habits that you are trying to cultivate that you are still trying to make a part of you.

In such cases, prioritising your daily routine with the priority function within Todoist can help to keep that particular routine top of mind.

  1. Add sub-tasks for your tasks

Your daily routine might be to purchase some daily necessities, but there might be so many sub-items that you’d want to look for in the supermarket.

That’s where sub-tasks comes in handy. You can break your task down into manageable chunks and chew it off part by part.

  1. Create projects to organise your daily routines into

This will help you to create order within your daily routines.

Projects within Todoist can also be especially helpful if you are dealing with daily routines that have to do with goals in particular areas of your life.

You might want to choose to have a daily routine for different areas of your life and set them up as different projects in Todoist.

Some areas where your daily routines may fall into might include your: studies, reading, health, relationships etc.

  1. Set up reminders for your daily routines

Don’t be like me and forget to brush your teeth.

If you know there are some parts of your daily routine that you tend to forget, setting up reminders for your daily routines can prove to be very useful.

  1. Add comments/files into your daily routines

Comments/files can be added into all tasks either during the creation process of the task or after you have created the task.

Some of our daily routines may not be as straightforward as “Making breakfast”.

There might be some observation that you want to make for a particular task.

If we are unfamiliar with some of our daily routines, we might require more context/information so that we can carry them out well.

Adding comments/files allows us to be able to reference important information/observations as we complete our daily routines.

What To Do When You’ve Missed Out A Few Days On Your Daily Routine On Todoist?

It happens to all of us – life gets busy and we just forget to do our daily routine.

Thing is, how can you get back on track when you’re behind on your routine on Todoist.

Do you have to delete some duplicated tasks or reconfigure some settings?

The answer? Not much because Todoist doesn’t duplicate the tasks that you’ve failed to complete for the day(s).

So just pick up wherever you’ve left off – complete your daily task and check it off on Todoist and your daily routine task will recur as usual the next day.

When Should You Consider Todoist Premium For Your Daily Routines?

I think that there are 3 situations that are good reasons for you to convert to Todoist premium for your daily routines:

  1. You already depend on Todoist for all your to-do needs and already love it
  2. When you require references for many of your daily routines and require the comments/file feature
  3. When you want to track how well you’ve kept to your daily routines

Regardless of whether you choose to go with Todoist free or premium, with this guide, you should be able to use it to handle your daily routines fairly well.

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