Using Coach.Me As A Free Habit Tracker – Review & Helpful Info

As part of my journey to look for the best habit tracker, I tried using as a habit tracker for a week to see how well it would work out. Here is my review is a habit improvement service that is available on iOS, Android and Web. There are 2 main parts to the services that offers – its habit tracking app that is free to all and its coaching services that is available for free for the first week and thereafter at about $25 a week.

Pros of habit trackerCons of habit tracker
– Can track unlimited number of habits
– Community support is focused and automatic
– Habit tracker is simple to use
– Only can track yes/no habits

Key Takeaway: is a simple habit tracker. Minimal effort is needed to track habits once one sets them up. As it can only track simple habits, it may not be suitable for someone who wants a habit tracker that is more elaborate.

I was confused about the name of the app when I first started using it because it sounds like a coaching app, which isn’t what I am looking for. To my pleasant surprise, the app worked quite well for my habit tracking needs.

How Helped Me Build Good Habits

It can track unlimited habits

Screenshot of Testing out how many habits can track
Testing out how many habits can track

When I tested out, I found that it can track at least more than 10 habits together.

This is great news for me because I’m currently tracking 8-9 habits.

Furthermore, it’s rare to come across a free habit tracking app that can track unlimited habits. Out of the 6 habit trackers I’ve looked into so far, only 2 or 33% allows users to track unlimited habits for free.

Community support is focused and automatic

Screenshot of search function on app
Search function on app

If I searched for “drink water”, the app automatically surfaces all similar goals that others has already started to track.

I can join any of these and I will be automatically added to that group.

This helps me build good habits as it gives me an option to connect, provide and get support from others with similar habit goals as me.

Habit tracker is simple to use

Screenshot of a main screen of a habit being tracked
Main screen of a habit being tracked

The is simple and intuitive to use.

If I complete a habit, all I need to do is just go into the habit I am tracking and tap the huge green tick.

If I want to quantify my habits, I can add a note to it.

If I didn’t complete a habit for the day, all I need to do is just to leave the app alone.

To me, if something can be done without much effort, it can be done repeatedly. The app certainly checks this box and helps me record my habits consistently.

Disadvantages Of Using Coach.Me As A Habit Tracker

Only can track yes/no habits

Because of how simple the app is, it can only track basic yes/no habits; I can only record my habit with a tick, or with no tick.

While this makes the app simple and intuitive for me to use, it’s not exactly the best if I want to track habits and quantify them with numbers.

Yes, I can add the numbers into every day into the notes. But cannot derive any useful statistics from these numbers.

How Coach.Me Fared As A Free Habit Tracker

I measured how well did as a free habit tracking app based on 5 criteria that I think will be important to any habit tracking app:

  • The number of habits the app can track for free (If the app can only track 1 habit, it is unlikely to be useful to me because I want to track more than 1 habit. The more habits that the app can track, the better it is for a user.)
  • Data recording capabilities of the app (It is difficult for me to improve if I cannot see where I am succeeding and failing with my habits. The more useful habit data that can be collected over time, the better it is for a user.)
  • Platforms the app is available on (If I am on iOS and Mac, it would be ideal if an app I frequently use is on both platforms. Therefore, the more platforms that an app is on, the better it is for a user.)
  • The versatility of the app (If I can track whether or not I woke up on time today, a yes/no habit. And I can track how many bottles of water I drank today, a number habit, then I think a habit tracking app can be considered as versatile.)
  • How well the app can help to improve habits (Even if the app scores well on all other aspects, I would be unlikely to continue using it if it is designed in a way that doesn’t really help me to improve my habits.)
The number of habits can track for free: can track unlimited habits for free.

Scoring rubrics
If the app can track 1-3 habits – 10 points
If the app can track 4 or more habits – 20 points
Data recording capabilities: can both automatically record habit history and allows for the recording of notes with each data point.

Scoring rubrics
If the app can view automatically recorded habit history – 10 points
If the app allows manual recording of notes for each habit – 10 points
If the app can view recorded habit history and record down notes for each habit – 20 points
Platforms is available on: is available on 3 platforms – iOS , Android and Web.

Scoring rubrics
If the app is available on 1-2 platforms – 10 points
If the app is available on 3 or more platforms – 20 points
The versatility of can only track simple yes/no habits

Scoring rubrics
Does the app allow you to track all types of habits?
If no – 10 points
If yes – 20 points
How well does the app help improve habits (On the scale of 1 – 10): 7. While cannot track habits that needs to be quantified well, its ability to track an unlimited number of habits and community support allows me to overlook where it is lacking.

Scoring rubrics
Subjective and based on personal opinion. Take it with a pinch of salt, if the app seems good to you, try it out yourself and decide for yourself.
If 1-5 – 0 points
If 6-10 – 20 points
Total Score90

If you’re looking for the best free habit tracking app, you may want to check out an article I wrote that compares some of the free habit tracking apps available out there.

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