Work Desk Items Recommendations

These are the items that are essential to organising my work desk. These items not only organise but also maximise the space on my desk.

*This post/page contains affiliate links. While I am an affiliate for these products, I could be an affiliate for many different products but I specifically chose these products because they are the products I actually like and recommend. By using my links, you help support this website.

My Pick for Monitor Mount + Laptop Arm

These monitor mount + laptop arm are reasonably priced and has worked great for my purposes.

They clear up space on my desk and give me a decluttered feel of my workspace.

Because it allows me to move my laptop and screen around my table, this allows for more flexibility regarding how I want to work.

If you’re thinking of getting these, you will want to take note that the height adjustments are not easy to change once you’ve set them initially.

My Pick for Monitor Light

Such monitor lights save space on my work desk and save me the trouble of turning on my main lights every time I need to write or read.

My Pick for Vertical Laptop Stand

Having 2 laptops, I used to place my laptops all over the place. With a vertical laptop stand, I can put both my laptops in 1 place allowing me to work more efficiently.

My Pick for Bluetooth Speaker

These Bluetooth speakers are inexpensive yet sound loud and beyond their price point. Coupled with its small form factor, these make it the perfect work desk Bluetooth speaker to me.